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Specialist support for field-based local curriculum

We provide Professional Learning Development (PLD) for teachers and specialise in field-based professional development.

Work directly with real scientists or people who made a career in the scientific community!

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discover what is possible

You have a choice to work with specialised scientists and science communicators who spent their careers in the scientific community. 

Every one of us will be delighted to provide you with complementary information to what you already have, and tailor it to your needs. 

We are Professional Experts

We each are specialised scientists and science communicators.

We understand the New Zealand school system

We understand the constraints that you have to work with.

We treasure your time

You know better than anyone how to teach your students. We bring experts so you can draw inspiration from real life experiences.

We don't create more work for you

There is no hidden work agenda, no extra work for you to fill in.

We go outside!!

We love being outside and our entire work philosophy is based on this fact.


The professional development programme is provided by the Ministry of Education and comes free for your school.

Our Programmes

Field-Based Stem Localised Curriculum

Freshwater studies | Coasts & Estuaries | Bush | Lakes & Wetlands

The places we go

Space & Astronomy | Bugs | Rocks & Fossils | Citizen Science

The things we do

Predator Free 2050 | Climate Change Education | GIS | NCEA Changes

The plans we hope for

Our Events and conferences

Field-Based Stem Localised Curriculum

First time applying?

What you need to know

The Ministry of Education funds teacher professional learning through its Regionally Allocated PLD initiative. MoE has some priorities eg STEM, Local Curriculum Design, and mātauranga Māori.

Successful applications can be for a few hours to support an individual, up to 80 hours to support a department, 200 hours for a school, or even 500 hours to support a cluster of schools.

These hours can be used in classroom settings with all of your class or on field trips with your class. They can also be used one on one with teachers. In addition to being available during standard school hours, Field-Based STEM is available after school, on weekends, and on holidays.

What we've been up to

Outdoor Science Adventures

Check out some of our outdoor science adventures. Field Based STEM facilitators are all passionate and experienced field workers.
Some have spent their working lives in Crown Entities such as GNS, others are experienced teachers with huge experiences leading EOTC, and some have combined their working lives in education and the scientific community. At Field Based STEM, we are proud to claim that every one of our facilitators can provide unrivaled field based experiences.

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St. Theresa’s Primary School – Matakitaki a Kupe Reserve

This is a story about pillows but not your usual feathery ones, these pillows are made of basalt, deep underwater. The Matakitaki-a-Kupe has these basalt pillow lava formations in questions and we are taking a trek with teachers from St/ Theresa’s Primary School to look at them.

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Ōrewa College: ripples tell a story

Ōrewa College have been allocated 120 hours of MoE PLD funding to work with Field Based STEM. Their plan is to build upon an initiative of two teachers, team teaching, an integrated project between Geography and Outdoor Education.

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