We promote local curriculum through field based STEM

Field-Based STEM is founded on tried and tested programmes that embrace learning in the outdoors. Tony Jones is the founder of Field Based STEM and for many years he has successfully run Science Departments and whole school curricula that have been underpinned by field work.

Field-Based STEM have several facilitators who provide Science PLD underpinned by authentic outdoor experiences.

Tony is an MOE Accredited PLD Facilitator (Accreditation Number: ACC1342). He can help you access Professional Development Funding from the Ministry of Education so that you can access the PLD that you need on your journey to deliver equitable field – based STEM programmes. 

“Our mission is based on the real belief that our young people need to spend more time in the field."

Unlike scientific community programmes that are expensive and require lots of investment, field work is done by individuals and is accessible to anyone.

The skills gained during field work open up a huge area for everyone undertaking it. 

Tony Jones, Founder

Our Team

What improves the learning of your students in the local context?

You know what you need.

You might need some inspiration.
We give you real scientists,
who share real-life solving situations they have been part of.

Ruud Kleinpaste – The Bugman

Ruud Kleinpaste needs no introduction as he is known as The Bugman to a wide audience after an exceptional career in science communication that spans over three decades. His priority is Environmental Education, championing biodiversity and biosecurity and citizen science.

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Hari Mogoșanu – Milky-Way.Kiwi

Hari is our SPACE-girl.
She is a Space Science Communicator and also an analog Mars astronaut. She loves teaching all aspects of astronomy and space sciences and especially to support teachers and students in learning how studying space can inform how we shape the future of humankind.

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Sonia Lucchese

Sonia works in an educational setting as a teacher of languages and as a lecturer in tertiary teacher training. She also provides weaving workshops. She supports teachers in the classroom by connecting ākonga to mātauranga Māori through weaving, and by training teachers directly.

Sonia is a specialist teacher starting at Primary School level, supporting the place-based environmental and sustainable education programme through her knowledge of weaving and tikanga. Sonia is also a lecturer in postgraduate professional teaching practices at tertiary level where she shares her passion for upholding tauiwi responsibilities to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

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This is our team and we are looking forward to working with you