Bianca Woyak

Bianca Woyak is head of Science at Burnside Primary School in Ōtautahi/ Christchurch where she teaches just Science from years 1 to 6. Bianca’s pedagogy celebrates a “hands on” approach, including real-world learning with a local curriculum focus. Bianca has changed her whole school's curriculum to include student-led action projects, giving students the ability to lead and create change for the environment.

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Bianca Woyak

Bianca has a passion for ecology and she shares this enthusiastically with students and other educators, encouraging them to be kaitiaki in their community. Some of the many projects she leads at school include predator trapping, water testing, beekeeping, growing their own fruit and veg and using this to create delicious meals with students, regenerating their own native bush at school and learning about the importance of native plants and animals while doing so. Bianca’s most well known student action project is leading the B5 Group where tamariki have successfully brought back the boulder copper butterfly to live in a purpose built habitat at school. She received the 2021 Prime Minister’s Science Teacher Award for her work to date. Check this video on what she does here 

Bianca Woyak

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