Ciara Espiner – Aquatic Adventurer!

Ciara is a freshwater ecologist with a deep-seated passion for the natural world and the great outdoors. Her expertise in New Zealand freshwater macroinvertebrates and native fish enables her to establish connections between physical environments, water chemistry, and invertebrate communities, revealing the intricate ecology of freshwater landscapes. Beyond her scientific pursuits, Ciara is an enthusiastic tramper who, in 2022, embarked on a journey to walk the length of New Zealand. Ciara has recently transitioned from her role as a freshwater ecology scientist to a full-time PhD position at the University of Canterbury. Join her on a journey to explore and gain insight into the wonders of freshwater ecosystems.

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Ciara Espiner – Aquatic Adventurer!

Ciara’s passion for freshwater ecology and the natural world has enabled her to deeply engage with students and schools, bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and young minds. Her journey in the education sector has been enriched with a diverse range of experiences, highlighting her commitment to the teaching of science.

One of Ciara’s noteworthy roles involves conducting captivating teaching sessions in collaboration with her colleagues on the topic of freshwater ecosystem health, catering to students of all ages. This program has benefitted over 39 schools in Christchurch, igniting a genuine interest in the natural world among these budding learners. Her ability to make complex scientific concepts accessible to a broad audience is further exemplified by her role in training non-science staff at her workplace in freshwater macroinvertebrate identification and microscope skills.

Furthermore, Ciara’s academic journey, coupled with her attainment of first-class honours from the University of Canterbury, has not only equipped her with knowledge and skills but has also provided her with the opportunity to guide first-year university students through freshwater laboratory tutorials. Her involvement as a Waitbait Connection Coordinator at the 2022 Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust Wānanga underscores the diversity of her work in science education.

Ciara’s interest in teaching, coupled with her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for science, serves as the foundation of her success in connecting the dots between freshwater habitats, water chemistry, substrate, and the critters inhabiting them, ultimately painting a comprehensive picture of the stream and environmental health.

Ciara Espiner – Aquatic Adventurer!

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