Julian Thomson

Julian Thomson spent 14 years as a high school teacher, focusing on earth and environmental sciences as well as outdoor learning. He also has significant experience as a teacher mentor and with curriculum development. For 13 years he was the full time geoscience outreach educator at GNS Science. He now runs his own science communication company Out There Learning Ltd​

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Julian Thomson

Julian has been involved in science communication and education in ways that link geoscientists with teachers and students, mostly in New Zealand, but also in Asia. This includes consultancy with school faculties and individual teachers around their earth science, ecology or outdoor programmes, running geoscience workshops and field trips, creating school learning resources,  making educational videos and authoring web pages.

He loves to highlight the wonders of the natural world and ways that we can explore, become fascinated by, and never lose the sense of awe. He is also very interested in ways we can best safeguard ourselves from Natural Hazards which are a continual issue in New Zealand, sitting across a collision plate boundary as we do.

Julian Thomson

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