Kelly Cooper – Educator Coach

Kelly’s work as an Educator Coach is driven by a genuine desire to help teachers love the work they do. She has over 26 years of experience teaching, coaching and leading in the primary and tertiary education sectors. Kelly holds a Master’s Degree in Education. She has strong curriculum knowledge having worked at several primary and intermediate schools throughout the Wellington region and as a Visiting Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington. Her mission is to encourage educators to thrive in their chosen profession.

Work with

Kelly Cooper – Educator Coach

During her 26 years+ teaching career, Kelly has held several teaching and leadership roles, including classroom teacher to Yr 0-8 students, special needs educator, lead environmental science teacher, English Language Learner teacher and well-being lead teacher.  As an International Coach Federation (ICF) trained coach Kelly enjoys working with teachers and school leaders offering flexible and differentiated sessions to meet individual schools’ needs.


Group or Individual coaching with Kelly may include

  • Goal setting, strategy and accountability around STEM or curriculum 
  • Frameworks that support professional inquiry and growth cycles
  • Assistance with planning and managing a specific project or action plan
  • Enhanced workplace relationships and communication strategies
  • Development of personal and professional capabilities such as teamwork, emotional regulation and interpersonal skills
  • Improved executive functioning and time management skills
  • Identification of personal and professional strengths and how these can best be used in the workplace
  • Development and implementation of a school-wide coaching framework
  • Opportunities to create a personal well-being plan to better support and enhance work/life balance
  • Development of a positive psychology toolkit  – resilience, choice theory and burnout prevention

Kelly Cooper – Educator Coach

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