Patricia Clark

Patricia has whakapapa connections to Ngāpuhi and grew up on a dairy farm in the South Hokianga. She had an environmentally centered upbringing which influenced her in pursuing tertiary education in Environmental Science. After graduating with a masters in 2020 focussed on freshwater ecology Patricia moved back to Northland and now works in the freshwater ecology, iwi engagement and environmental education spaces. She has experience teaching school students of all ages as well as adults.

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Patricia Clark

Since graduating with a Masters degree in environmental science focussed on freshwater ecology, Patricia has been teaching students of all ages environmental education. She has worked as an educator at the University of Auckland, Papa Taiao Earthcare. She is currently the National Coordinator for Whitebait Connection, where she teaches freshwater education to students of various ages. 

Patricia has whakapapa connections to Ngāpuhi and is passionate about incorporating mātauranga Māori and te ao Māori values associated with te taiao and wai Māori in her teaching. She has a lot of experience educating and working with marae and hapū groups and has previously worked for Te Uri O Hau Settlement Trust in their environmental team. 

Patricia loves combining her passions for freshwater ecology and education and can help teachers develop meaningful and engaging experiential education practices in their local environment. She has assisted many teachers and students in learning a variety of topics linked to freshwater environments and supported them in undertaking a variety of actions, including – fish and macroinvertebrate monitoring, riparian restoration, water quality monitoring, inanga spawning habitat restoration and SHMAK kit training and monitoring. 

Patricia Clark

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