Bruce Hayward

Bruce is one of New Zealand’s leading geologists, paleontologists and marine ecologists. He is the go-to expert on the geology of northern New Zealand and the volcanoes of Auckland. He loves the outdoors and assisting teachers and the public to read the landscape and rocks and understand the detailed stories they hold about the long history of this beautiful country of ours.

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Bruce Hayward

In addition to his research, Bruce founded and has run the Auckland Geology Club for the general public for 30 years, leading over 300 trips to geological features and places all around New Zealand. He gives talks on a range of geological topics to teachers and many other groups, particularly popular are his enthusiastic talks on Auckland Volcanoes and fossil treasures of northern NZ.

He has led over 40 field trips for the public to geoheritage sites as part of the annual Auckland Heritage Festival. He has published 21 books for the general public on topics such as the geology of northern NZ, Auckland Volcanoes, volcanoes and earthquakes of NZ, building stones, karst, coastal landforms, NZ fossils, kauri timber and gum industries, and rocky shore ecology. His latest book (out late 2022) describes the origins of the 100 most spectacular natural wonders of NZ.

He has contributed accounts of over 150 sites on the Geotrips website designed to help teachers, students and the public better understand the geological origins of what they are looking at in the field.

Bruce Hayward

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