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Chris Judd

Chris grew up in the Waikato living and loving our natural environment and after living and working around Europe, he returned home to NZ with an even greater appreciation of te Taiao in Aotearoa. He spent 15 years teaching in a range of schools around Auckland and bringing up his young family. Chris realised we need to encourage students to learn more about our environment and living sustainably, so he joined the Tread Lightly Caravan and did exactly that all over the Auckland region. He has now moved on to working with rangatahi outdoors in the ngahere at Tawharanui and Arataki, Waitakere Ranges; the beach, rock pools and awa of Long Bay/Okura Marine Reserve and Rotoroa Island and many more parks, streams and other places. Teaching students and their families how to live more sustainably and help right the wrongs of the past through actions like composting and planting and more effective pest control, are the key to helping everything we have survive and thrive.

Chris Judd

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