Michael Woodcock

Take a deeper journey of self-understanding and our potential place in the world.

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Michael Woodcock

Michael’s (Woody) mahi is in wellbeing and the importance of a connection with nature, with Taioa, for our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Through direct experience and the use of poetry and story we can take a deeper journey of self-understanding and our potential place in the world. 

Michael says 

The science now confirms what we know in our DNA, be out in nature and we improve our physical and mental wellbeing. And while these two aspects of our wellbeing are becoming more freely talked about, many of us do not talk about the importance of our spiritual wellbeing too. It’s in this space of bringing together these three elements of our being, that I work.

What calls me, is that nature is not just a backdrop to our lives, but an active participant in our wellbeing. That we are all descendants of nature-based peoples, but for most of us the modern world has alienated us from what for millennia was home. As a Pākehā, I know it’s a long way back to when my people were connected to the all living non-human world. But in this land, to speak of your connection with a mountain or river, your maunga and your awa, to know that mauri, (life force) and wairua run through everything, is still possible.

Michael Woodcock

Want to know more, check Michael out on www.liveliketheriverflows.co.nz 

Michael Woodcock

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