Tony Jones

Tony is the founder of Field-basedSTEM. He is very passionate about supporting teachers with specialist knowledge to enhance the skills they already have. He is driven by the real belief that young people need to spend more time in the field. Tony has a good understanding of schools, having spent 40 years in secondary school classrooms "and loved every minute".

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Tony Jones

Tony is the founder of Field-basedSTEM. He has been HoD Science in the UK, Mozambique, Edgecumbe College and Tokoroa High School. He has also been Deputy Principal in the Uk, Edgecumbe College and Te Aratika Academy for Maori boys. In his last school, Tony led field trips every second day throughout the North Island. ​

Tony Jones

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We grew up outside, connected with the nature and believe that our kids should go outside too.

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"Unlike scientific community programmes that are expensive and require lots of investment, field work is done by individuals and is accessible to anyone. The skills gained during field work open up a huge area for everyone undertaking it."

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