Kiera Jones

Kiera is an educational psychologist - with a particular interest in supporting teachers' efforts in overcoming barriers to learner engagement.

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Kiera Jones

Kiera has experience working with students with a range of learning barriers – from specific learning disorders and developmental disorders to trauma and attachment-related behavioural challenges. The PLD that Kiera provides enables teachers to understand their students better and identify the key changes to our everyday activities that will bring greater engagement for all learners.

In her role as a PLD Facilitator, Kiera helps teachers make observations and interventions that can pre-empt the need for more expert support.

Our field-based programmes are having a powerful impact in the schools that we work with. Many students now gain significantly more benefit from their time at school and Kiera has helped us identify more specifically what is working. With these insights Kiera is helping teachers consider other ways of recreating similar conditions both indoors and outside. Kiera’s work with Field-Based STEM seeks to support teachers in feeling empowered and knowledgeable in the psycho-social factors which impact their students’ learning. With an understanding of teacher and classroom demands, Kiera seeks to provide knowledge and guidance on the use of time-effective and evidence-based approaches to support students’ learning.

As a previous teacher aide, Kiera gained classroom experiential insight into the many complex factors involved in supporting both teachers and learners towards achieving academic, social, and developmental goals. 

Kiera Jones

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